Final Questionnaire and Questionnaire Instructions

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Final Questionnaire and Questionnaire Instructions

Peter - David has the final Q Instructions email with just 3 little tweaks to insert, based on my proofreading today. He will try to format it the way he's like to see it in iModules and turn it over to you for inserting the link to the Q.

As for the Q itself, we'd like to insert right upfront the one question about which profile picture a classmate would want, after explaing the Aegis picture is the Default. If there is no Aegis picture, the Green Book becomes the Deafault. However, a classmate can prempt the default by designating which picture he wants or by submitting one from the undergrad era. The adopted women all have to submit one like this last option if they want a vintage photo to appear. Can you help frame this question or want us to give it a shot?

Lastly, we talked about a PDF of the Q that is like a sample ballot that a classmate can review before diving in. Are we still intending to do this? As an attachment to the email/ As a link to it on the web or as a download? What do you think? It should be started if not already done in near-final form. Or would you like us to tackle it in Word?

Q and instructions process
  • I can't guarantee I will be able to perfectly match iModules formatting with what David wants, but it will be close.
  • Sorting out which question to use. This would be a question allowing respondents to check only one box: (1) default Aegis picture if it exists, (2) Green book if they prefer, or (3) they are adopted and/or want to submit one, in which case the mechanism is...what? We contact them if they check this?
  • Yes, still planning to make the Q available as a pre-read. Three options that are not mutually exclusive: display the entire questionnaire on the site to be read, word file to download (which they could use to respond and return), pdf to download and read. Once we have the Q ready to deploy, SurveyMonkey will let me export it.
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