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Draft Questionnaire

Here is our working draft of the classmate questionnaire as of 10/4/2017:


Name: First, Middle Initial, Last, Nickname(s)

Address: Street, City, State, Zip (country if not USA)

Phone(s), email address

High School: Name, city, state

[Photo from Aegis, Green Book or submission]


Post Graduation:

Draft number? Were you drafted? Other comment?

Further Education: degree, subject, institution

Occupation(s): Title, company, location (city, state)


Family and Roots:

Birth city:


Education and Occupation(s):

Children: names, birth years, and occupations.

[Do we want children’s college, occupation?]

[Do we want grandchildren names and birth year?]

Undergrad Years

Dartmouth Major:

What were your most significant Dartmouth activities?

Most memorable courses? Comment

Favorites professor(s) and their department(s)

What was your most embarrassing undergrad moment?

Do you recall a “Eureka!-like” moment  - a lesson learned - you can share?

Best undergrad memory(ies):

Worst memories?

What do you miss the most and least about those four years?


Life today:

[Current photo(s) in a casual setting: family, hobby, hanging out, etc. No sunglasses!]

Current interests:

Favorite song lyric, quote, or aphorism that resonates with you now:

[To be submitted independently later] Your story: (whatever you want to tell your classmates about the intervening years, what you have done, what you have learned or reflect on, happiest or saddest moments, passions, etc. This is your space. Fill it as you see fit.

And here is the DropBox link to it as a Word file:





Questions and comments
  • Did you volunteer for military service might be a good question along with asking about draft status.
  • ROTC?
  • Children and grandchildren questions should be optional.
  • We should make sure people can see the questions in advance, if possible, like looking at a sample ballot.
  • I assume the Dropbox link at the bottom is for our use, not part of the questionnaire for classmates...?


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Right, DropBox is For Your

Right, DropBox is For Your Eyes Only. 

It's a good idea to show the data fileds/questions in advance. Yu are in the best position to know how many of our Clasmates have valid emails and how many have none that we are aware of. There has to be an alternative or two to Survey Monkey for responses. 

Time for SurveyMonkey test?

Is it time for me to create a SurveyMonkey questionnaire and subject it to the following series of tests?

  1. The Book group. Get feedback and adjust survey.
  2. The Executive Committee. Get feedback and adjust survey.
  3. The Book group. Get feedback. Adjust Survey. Deploy.
David L. Prentice
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Test Questionnaire

Crap, I've done it again. Lost my whole comment with an errant slip of my Trackpad hand. Rats. 

So I will try to dictate this time–And here we go!

Peter, were you going to do this Test questionnaire? I had thought that I would, But I have not gotten to it as I have been tied up with variousLocal/municipal stuff since I got home. If you want to do it,That is fine with me.

I see that the dictation function on the Mac Reacts with a capital letter at the start of every Statement I make after a pause, however small.

I do want to go back and dig out The older Questionnaire That I had developed some time ago. I would like to Review That formAnd see if there is anything in thereThat I think should be incorporated into the draft that Dudley showed at our meeting. That, of course,Has no influence on the test questionnaire. 

Thank you,


Thanks for the reminder. I

Thanks for the reminder. I had not added this to my list of To Do tasks, but I believe we had agreed that we would do a test questionnaire among ourselves on The Book Committee.

Which raises the following questions:

  • Do we do a truncated questionnaire just to test the tool?
  • Do we do a reasonable facsimile of the planned questionnaire and use this as an opportunity to work on the questions and skip logic, etc?

The first is quicker, obviously, but means we may be asking The Committee to do a series of questionnaires. Not sure that will work out well.

The second will take (a good deal) longer.


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